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3 In 1 Women’s Winter Knitted Beanie


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3 In 1 Women’s Winter Knitted Beanie

This is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe with our stylish winter set. Experience the beauty of winter in a very cozy way with the ultimate winter combo, a knitted hat, a scarf, and a mask set. Crafted with thick plush lining to allow you to always be super warm and be able to enjoy the magic of winter (shopping, skating, skiing ).

Why Choose This Winter Set?

  • High-Quality material (Soft plush with better heat retention )
  • Dual-Layer design (Super thick and chunky acrylic knit construction to keep you warm)
  • Matching color of the three pieces (Mask, Hat, Scarf) so that you don’t have to buy from different places and pay more for the 3 elements
  • Convenient and easy to carry
  • The perfect gift
  • It’s a compliment magnet (A unique design that will attract compliments)
  • Hat Size: 22.8” (One size fits all)


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