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Couch Scratch Guard


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Save Your Furniture From Cat Scratches

Easy and Unnoticeable Protection
Stop cats from clawing on your couches, chairs, walls, and doors. Rest easy knowing that your furniture is protected even when you’re not around!


Made For Every Couch

  • Transparent & Self-adhesive: Same look, 100% cat claw protection.
  • No Sticky Residue: Reapply the film around the house without damaging your furniture.
  • Easy to Apply: Peel off the sticky side and apply to any surface.


Time-saving Cat Training
Simply apply the guard and watch your cat instantly lose interest in the furniture. Easily repeat the process in new spots to train your cat!


More Than A Regular Tape

  • Unlike double-sided tape, the Couch Guard does not harm your furniture.
  • Works on all types of furniture including leather, leaving no marks behind.
  • High-quality unchewable material that is non-toxic and safe for your pets.
  • The upgraded sticky side that stays on the furniture, guaranteed.
  • Easily reapply on different spots. Buy once, use twice.


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