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National Park Sculpture Necklace


Proudly display your love of US natural treasures while wearing this handmade earth-clay work of art.

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If time stands still for you when you’re basking in the beauty of a national park, Grace Vanderbush knows how you feel. The artist’s wearable clay sculptures are a love letter to our nation’s natural treasures, inspired by her frequent visits and fascination with every distinctive ecosystem. “I love photographing the smallest details about each park,” Grace says, “like the moss on a rock or the tiniest bug or flower bud.” These photos help her replicate an accurate color palette and recapture the magic of each location in a durable, waterproof creation designed with outdoorsy adventures in mind. To protect these destinations for future generations, $2 of your purchase will go directly to the National Parks Foundation. Handmade in Minnesota.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.


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